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일양의 발자취

With the management philosophy, “with respect towards human beings, let us do our best for health and welfare of humankind,” Il-Yang Pharm.Co.,Ltd has been striving to produce good medicine for the last half-century. After taking the first step in 1946 when the country had no established pharmaceutical industry, the company has been growing as a global pharmaceutical firm based on state-of-art facilities in Yongin and Eumseong vaccine factories. Also, Il-Yang is exporting various medicinal products to over 30 countries around the world including the US and Europe, and began operating the Chinese local factory, Yangju Il-Yang Pharm. Co., Ltd., opening up a new era of producing locally-finished pharmaceutical products. As a company with a sense of responsibility for human life, Il-Yang Pharm will continue to develop cutting-edge medicine through relentless research and effort for welfare of people.


1946. 07. Acquired Hanseong Pharmaceutical Company(漢城藥館),
and established Gongsin Pharmaceutical Company(共信藥業社)
after obtaining the approval from Hanji Medicine Corporation(限地藥鍾商)
1957. 05. Obtained the license for pharmaceutical business,
and established Seonrim Pharmaceutical Company
1957. 07. Launched the digestive drug <Norumo tab>, the first product of the company
1961. 06. Renamed to Ilyang Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation
1971. 07. Launched <Wonbi-D>, the ginseng nutritious tonic
1971. 12. Renamed to Ilyang Pharmaceutical Industry Co.,Ltd, and incorporated
1972. 04. Selected as excellent pharmaceutical company on the Day of Health,
and awarded the commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare
1974. 08. Listed on Korea Stock Exchange