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일양약품 중앙연구소는 차세대 혁신신약의 개발을 통해 글로벌 신약개발 연구소로 우뚝 서겠습니다. 일양약품 중앙연구소 건물

IL-YANG Pharmaceutical has built a corporate culture rooted in constant innovation of management under the slogan “Build a future value for the Centennial Vision of IL-YANG", and has gradually expanded the capabilities of essential future value, such as the development of the 18th new indigenous drug approved under the name of “Supect”, the next-generation leukemia treatment drug, the new growth engine vaccine business, antiviral substance and innovative bio-drugs, etc., since the invention of the 14th new indigenous drug named “Noltec(Ilaprazole)” which is the next-generation anti-ulcer drug. Putting the primary focus of research on the generic and IMD(Incrementally Modified Drugs), IL-YANG Pharmaceutical ceaselessly takes upon the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry to make good on the dream of original new drugs, such as the approved drugs, new indigenous drugs, global new drugs, etc. In particular, IL-YANG Pharmaceutical’s new drug development capability based on the know-how accumulated over two decades of research and investment in new drug invention has become the biggest strength that other pharmaceutical companies cannot emulate.

The extensive array of experiences which we have amassed thus far has become the basis for our quick search of possible new drug candidates, accurate and swift clinical progression, and the outcomes that lead to new drugs. Along with that, IL-YANG Pharmaceutical has the well-organized infrastructure for the fast development of excellent drugs, in addition to efficient research personnel and positioning.