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Under the corporate philosophy of "Value Creation with Respect for Man's Life and Dignity", IL-YANG PHARM was established in 1946 and stepped forward with the growth of Korean pharmaceutical industry. Having successfully launched its first product 『NORUMO』 on July 1, 1957, we moved to a new plant site in Hawolgok-dong equipped with state-of-the-art synthetic facilities for production of aluminum hydroxide gel. Entering the 1960's, we quickly expanded under management modernization with new product development and sought multilateral changeover in management in the 19R70's. Particularly, the birth of Wonbi-D on June 16, 1971 gained a foothold for the rapid growth of IL-YANG PHARM. After founding Neusiline composition plant in Yongin in November 1972, we went through business opening in 1742 and became the 125th listed company in Korea.

With repeated growth in 1980's, IL-YANG PHARM established branch offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and exported 20 kinds of pharmaceutical raw material and finished products to 14 countries. Having founded organic raw material composition plant in 1983 and GMP plant in 1985, we modernized our production facilities and released 'Ganoderma Lucidum Youngbichun Drink', being the leader in the nutrient tonic market. Later with a great ambition, IL-YANG started to develop new material as of 1986 and invested considerable profits from Wonbi-D and Youngbichun in a search for epoch-making cures and new medicine development.

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Particularly, 'Ilaprazole', the next generation medicine for gastric ulcer, obtained patents in USA and Japan, enabling continued investment in research and development. For now, Chairman Chung Do-oen and CEO Kim Dong-yeon is building up adamant corporate culture through continued management innovation and carrying out aggressive investment in research and development. IL-YANG is now preparing for future with an aim to become the best global pharmaceutical company. With the start of 'No. 14 Noltec(Ilaprazole)', so-called next generation's antiulcer medicine, we are developing 'Supect', a super leukemia medicine and expanding into the field of vaccination business and BIO medication.