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With the company’s slogan, ‘Respect humanity’, ‘Promote human’s health’ and ‘Improve welfare’, Il-Yang pharmaceutical Co. has tried its utmost to manufacture superior medicines for the last half a century. In addition, Il-Yang has put forth its strength for the construction of the country with healthy people under the banner of “challenging the limitations of the medical practice and pharmaceutical dispensing for one hundred years”. Since it took the first step to supply medicines in Korea, a barren land for the medical industry in 1946, Il-Yang has been advancing into a top-ranking pharmaceutical company in the world through the establishment of the most advanced factories.
Having furnished all production lines with KGMP and BGMP and having led the development and supply of perfect and excellent medicine which are the highest level of the world, Il-Yang will act as a leader to make Korea an advanced country in medicine through continuous research and development for new medicines.

Having promoted diversification of business based on the accumulated technologies and experiences in the pharmaceutical business, Il-Yang will

actively make an effort for the promotion of the nation’s health. Il-Yang will exert its efforts towards improving the national health and welfare through continuous research and efforts for the development of the most advanced medicines until all diseases in this land are health.